New 2013 MTX M2M modem family

New 2013 MTX-Terminals modem family

MTX-Terminal M2M modem family. From compact economic RS485 GSM/GPRS version up to LTE and 3G/JAVA with RF card inside among incredible embedded Linux processor board inside with RF communications, there is NO LIMITS in your M2M application

New 2013 MTX M2M modem familyNew advanced M2M solutions from MTX-TERMINALS cover all your M2M application need. Voice, CSD, SMS and data transmission from GSM, UMTS and new LTE network when you need high speed and low latency. MTX-Terminals features lot of interfaces, RS232-RS485, USB and now it is possible to incluye a Radio Frecuency card (GPS, BT, WiFi, RF ISM, Zigbee…) for easy gateway scenarios. Most of them can embeedd the application software internally in JAVA or use MTX-Tunnel application, avoiding use external processing hardware.

New 2013 MTX-Terminal modem:
-MTX65I+RS485.  Compact  QuadBand GPRS class 12 with one RS232 and RS485 port. JAVA Programmable.
•    Ultra Low Power. 2,5 microAmp power consumption mode
•    RS485 models
•    GPS receptor model for location and tracking
•    Radio Frecuency card inside:  Bluetooth/Bluetooth Low Energy, Wavenis, Wifi, Wireless MBus, ZigBee, ISM 868/915MHz
-MTX-LTE. Family modem terminal ready to use in s LTE-4G network 100M DL – 50M UL speed low latency. Variants for CDMA and UMTS-HSPA+ network
-MTX-GATEWAY.  Powerful and flexible compact terminal modem. Linux y JAVA VM. Core TQMa28 – ARM9, 128MB RAM-2GB FLASH. Ethernet, USB OTG, 2 RS232/RS485 ports, CAN, GPIO… and MiniPCIe card for GPRS, UMTS o LTE (+GPS) communication. Optionally RadioFrecuency WiFi can be included an at same time, one optional RF Bluetooth, ISM, Zigbee… card. INCREDIBLE! Ulimited power! No limits!

CEBIT 8-9 MARCH, Hannover M2M ZONE
CTIA Las Vegas 21-23 Mayo. M2M Zone

MTX TUNNEL application solution for all M2M scenarios

MTX-TUNNEL application solution for all M2M scenarios

MTX TUNNEL software application new version 7 add ModBus communication and concentration RF network features to many other communication features -TCP, UDP, SMS, DNS, Telemetry and Control, Tunneling..
MTX-TUNNEL can be embedded on Java MTX-Terminals model

MTX TUNNEL application solution for all M2M scenariosMTX-TUNNEL Software Features

-TCP Client—TCP Server
GPRS connection modes:
-Permanent mode
-Under request (SMS, call)
-Change on an input digital level
-Analog input out of level (MIN, MAX)
-Serial data present on RS232/RS485
-Scheduled date/hour timing
TELNET – WebServer
SMS Alarms and Output control
IP dynamic resolution DNS
SSL Security
Firewall IP
User API
Telemetry (GPIOs and GPS)
GRPS-I2C/SPI tunnel
Serial RS232/485 – HTTP/SMS tunnel
ModBus, Logger
MESH network concentrator